Summer Lentil Salad (French Lentils, Cucumber, Tomato & Herbs)

All summer long I have been creating different types of summer salads–figuring out how many ways I can use zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, etc… This recipe is a variation of another lentil salad that I created. I changed it up by adding local, seasonal cucumbers, tomatoes and fresh herbs. Salads can be quite diverse and when adding…

Lemon-Mint Quinoa Salad

The Spring season inspires me to create dishes that feel “springy”.  Lemons are cleansing and refreshing; mint and cucumbers are cooling. Quinoa is a wonderful ingredient–and is on sale this month at Mother Earth’s, so I decided to use this as well.  I tested it out today at work and the customers seemed to really enjoy it….

Tomato and Cucumber Salad

I like to make this dish when tomatoes and cucumbers are in season (they taste so much better). We have them in such bounty that I am constantly looking for ways to add them to my recipes. I decided to use lemon balsamic vinegar instead of regular balsamic this time around and I thought it…

Kale-Cucumber Salad with Citrus-Mint Dressing

The topic of alkaline foods is common these days. High acid foods: coffee, alcohol, meat, cheese, etc. may contribute to acid reflux, heartburn and other conditions. Alkaline foods: fruits, vegetables, seeds, herbs, spices,  etc. may help to balance acidity. For my demo at work yesterday I prepared a recipe that I created with all alkaline ingredients….

New recipe coming soon!

This week I will be featuring a dish made with fresh herbs for my “Herbalicious” demo at Mother Earth Storehouse in Kingston on Friday (4/15). I’m feeling the mint right now, so it looks like this will be my herb of choice; and quinoa is on sale this month so a minty quinoa salad may…